View Full Version : First nudist hotel opens in Germany

03-04-09, 00:10
BBc News : Clothing verboten at German hotel (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7978656.stm)

A passionate German naturist has revealed his plan to open Germany's first hotel where clothes are banned.

Frieder Haferkorn, the entrepreneur behind the venture, says he is turning a conventional hotel in the Black Forest into a haven for naturists.

According to the house rules, clothes are not only optional, but strictly forbidden at all times.

In keeping with naturists' belief that nudity is non-sexual, acts of a sexual nature are banned in common areas.

I wonder if this is the world's first hotel that completely prohibits clothing. Nudist resorts apparently exist a bit everywhere in the (Western) world, but maybe just on the beach, not actually inside the hotel.

Miss Marple's nephew
22-04-09, 10:17
The FKK have been operating since as long as I can remember. Whether some of their facilities are given the name “hotel” (or not) is completely irrelevant.

08-10-11, 15:26
This world :P