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29-04-09, 20:03
I have read your subject Mr Maciamo about British and Irish Y-DNA haplogroups percents and I have read that Enflish people are about 58% germanic in their paternal side as you recognized and conclused ,
1-Could you tell me please the percent Germanic Y-DNA in Belgium,Switzerland,Loxmborg,Netherlands ,Germany and austria?
2-and Could you tell me the percents in your opinion of blond hair in Germany ,England ,Netherlands,Belgium,Loxmborg,Switzerland and Austria?
3-Is that right that R1b U-152 is the haplogroup which associated with germanic,celtic and Italic people?
4-Is that right that R1a people occupied the aboriginal scandinavians I1a and I1b and formed the nordic bronze age and then a colonization by R1b U-152 occured in scandinavia and then the germanic migration has begun to colonize europe?

05-05-09, 09:56
I have already answered all these questions. Please use the search engine.

1. => see genetic make-up of Europe (http://www.eupedia.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25106)

2. It is not useful to have percentages by country for such big countries as Britain or Germany, because fair hair frequency varies a lot from one region to another. That is why I made a fair hair map of Europe (http://www.eupedia.com/europe/maps_of_europe.shtml#hair_colour). As usual, percentages are approximate as it is impossible to survey the whole population.

3. Yes. U152 is the same as S28. It is explained on the page about European haplogroups (http://www.eupedia.com/europe/origins_haplogroups_europe.shtml).

4. Also explained in the same page. Note that these are only theories, as nobody knows for sure yet (we won't until a lot of paleolithic, mesolithic, neolithic and bronze-age DNA is tested in each region, which could take many more years).