View Full Version : Facial lifts/nip & tuck and silicone.

Miss Marple's nephew
06-05-09, 10:24
I am curious to know the thoughts of others with respects to European/U.S. opinion.

06-05-09, 10:42
I wouldn't say good or disgusting, but something in the middle. It also depends on how the person was before and how successful is the operation. For some people it may be a good thing.

Miss Marple's nephew
06-05-09, 11:28
I say, “disgusting” because I feel that the more one reaches towards the materialistic realm of life the less one can revel in its spiritual aspects and actually enjoy life for what it is.
It can be debated whether or not cosmetic manipulation is within the realm of materialism but merely by giving in to external, manipulated qualities it must certainly foster personal dissatisfaction on the basis of a commercial-oriented scale of social acceptance.

22-06-13, 11:40
Well honestly, it's really unfair for one to claim it as superficial. I work as a therapist and have spoke to many about this situation when they've brought it up. Everyone is different. You really need to put yourself into that person's shoes before you make a judgement, if at all. If you feel it would help your life, then there is no reason to not go for it. Plastic surgery is a personal decision and it's your life and your body, nobody else. They don't live in your body so they wouldn't know anymore than sympathizing. You're not a repeat offender, looking for perfection, or have a body dysmorphic disorder, then why not. It is your body.