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Miss Marple's nephew
07-05-09, 11:10
Thank you for changing the order of the smilies! :good_job:

07-05-09, 13:12
You're welcome ! :grin:

09-05-09, 18:33
Good selection there. Better than most fora I've been on. Nice to see you kept the old ones as well. Now to play
:good_job::great::weird::vomitting::tongue::feel_g ood::smile_fan::ghost::69::16::79::11::crab:

10-05-09, 11:48
The only problem is that the big ones are made for white background. It used to be almost white, but I had to invert the forum's primary and secondary colours because there was the same issue with the new statusicons on the home page.

Miss Marple's nephew
11-05-09, 11:10
I find those Japanese ones are too "busy". They dominate the message rather than lend a discret character or punctuation.

Cambrius (The Red)
14-07-09, 01:02
Scary!... LOL.

14-10-09, 15:19
I understand that Smilies help people to express themselves, but do we really need so many?