View Full Version : Safe Internet for children .

12-05-09, 13:35
My son is nine years old and I want to him internet savvy. I want him to familiarize himself with internet operations as knowledge of the internet is a must these days. And I think he is in the right age for this. But I am also aware of the hazards of internet usage and would like to safeguard my child from them. Is this possible?

19-10-09, 04:01
Internet is convenient to the children's study, but also bring some problems, they might immerse in internet game or some unhealth website.

03-09-18, 12:58
Agree with you.

26-08-19, 10:24
i think you might be breaking a rule or 2 of no spamming or something ... but for what its worth, it looks like you put some time into creating the group page