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Brad VanGuard
30-06-09, 23:03
I'm new to the forum and I am planning to take a trip to Italy this next summer. Has anyone ever been there? What Restaurants should I look into? What are some places I should go see? Anything I need to be "warned" of before I go?


Brad VanGuard
01-07-09, 00:12
Hey everyone, I just found this website with places to see in italy (http://www.ruba.com/Places_to_see_in_Italy), has anyone ever been to these places before and are they worth going to?

01-07-09, 10:25
I have travelled extensively around Italy, which is my favourite country for sightseeing in Europe. I am planning to write a guide on this website, but cannot find enough time. In the meantime I have already rated towns and cities (http://www.eupedia.com/italy/) to give a basic idea of where are the good places to go.

The Eupedia Directory (http://www.eupedia.com/directory/) has hundreds of sites about tourism in Italy, including 25 online travel guides (http://www.eupedia.com/directory/2967/3063/3069/index.html).

Brad VanGuard
01-07-09, 19:56
Thanks, I am new here so I didn't know but thank you again.

29-11-14, 13:59
I am also a newbie here and traveling is my passion. If you want to talk about the Italy so, i must say you have selected the right option. It not only gives the breathtaking views of its natural places but also is the hub of art galleries and the museums. Rome and Venice are my favorite cities of this region and i want to go there again and again. I want to to recommend you to must visit the both and i am sure you will enjoy your trip very much.

11-06-15, 15:11
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08-07-15, 10:30
I have naver visited Italy but I have plan to visit next month.

04-08-15, 13:59
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