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08-08-09, 17:29
Looking for something to do during your stay in Strasbourg? Wanna get involed? Check out or volunteer at the Strasbourg International Film Festival!

The Strasbourg International Film Festival is a 10 day fest from August 28th to September 6th focusing on the works of new and emerging directors. Creatives. Non-conformists. Original and independent voices from all genres, notably experimentals and avant-garde pieces as well as more traditional themes like dramas, thrillers, romantic comedies, innovative documentaries and unique animated works.

The festival's goal is to create an ideal location for the audience and filmmakers, without omitting the industry.

Several directors will be presenting their films at this years festival. Such screenings will be followed up by Q&As. Other directors will be participarting in innovative panels and workshops, as well as out-of-competition projections. Remember to keep in mind our filmmaker brunches where director and audience alike can benefit not only from great French food and culture in one of France's most beautiful destinations but also enjoy benefiting from meeting other film-goers and filmmakers and keeping up-to-date on what is going on in today's independent film circuit.

The festival also encourages networking between filmmakers for the overall goal of international film making and open eyes to the new possibilities modern-day technology has created for the film industry and the independent filmmaker.

Projections are held either for free or at very reasonable prices in order to permit more people to see the work, from students, to artists, to businessmen, thus engaging the community and creating a very laid back, creative and open-minded atmosphere.

The Strasbourg International Film Festival plans to show over 150 films this year, from features to shorts, from documentaries to animation. Films will be show in Strasbourg, France at two locations and at two locations in Kehl, Germany, making this international film festival, quite literally, international.

Join us!!! From the 28th of August to the 6th of September 2009. Ten opportunity-filled days to support independent, emerging and out there film making! 10 days of new experiences because, lets not forget, a festival is also there to learn from and share with others, a chance explore your passion!

For information on how to get involved in the fest, for the whole time or part of the festival feel free to contact Sophie Scott at [email protected], check out our website strasbourgfilmfest.com or just post back here!


11-08-09, 01:22
Hey I am a foreigner living in Strasbourg. Is it free? Where is it exactly? I understand you are looking for volunteers, but from what time to what time? I can only operate during day time. After 6pm I have to go home.