View Full Version : Eastern European R-L21* Cluster

22-08-09, 15:54
Back in June or early July, I found an R-L21* haplotype cluster with the following off-modal marker values:


I would like to say I was the first to discover it, but when I wrote to a friend of mine who is associated with the Jewish R1b Project, she was already aware of it (but not of its extent).

Thus far, every member of this cluster who has tested for L21 has been L21+, and thus far all of them are of Eastern European, Ashkenazi heritage. I have found at least 19 different, apparently Ashkenazi surnames in this cluster. Not all of them have been tested for L21 or have joined the R-L21 Plus Project, but several have.

Dr. Anatole Klyosov has subjected seven haplotypes in the cluster to analysis and has concluded that it probably originated in Central Europe in about the 14th century, when Central European Jews experienced a genetic bottleneck due to severe persecution in the wake of the Black Plague, for which they were blamed. As a result, many of them fled to Poland and Lithuania.

Here is a list of some members of this cluster who are either in Ysearch or a public dna project. Those who have already tested L21+ appear in bold type.

1. Prager (Lithuania, T8A6N)
2. Lewis (original surname Lubatinsky; Lithuania, B2BNR)
3. Kabo (Latvia, 534VG)
4. Marcus (Ukraine, SJFHN)
5. Millstein (unk origin, 2Y8VJ)
6. Mednick (Ukraine, no YSearch entry)
7. Weiler (Russia, EGNM6)
8. Friedman (Russia, 8AAG6)
9. Livio (original surname Livschitz; Finland, HDCDF)
10. Madan (unk origin, no Ysearch entry)
11. Bloom (Poland, EK2YT; L21 results pending)