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27-09-09, 21:20
What people that made England so strong where it became the strogest colonial empire in the world ,the Anglo-Saxons or the Normans?

30-09-09, 22:31
I would be more inclined to say The English Channel. Unlike the rest of Europe, to invade England would require crossing the sea. England and the rest of the Isles effectively had a moat. What also helped were several moves within the country that did away with sefdom, removed certain powers from the monarch and good natural resources that benefitted a country that started the Industrial Revolution.

18-01-14, 02:39
I would say anglo saxons,they made england.They had more of a genetic impact and the alot of the anglo saxon culture was kept alot of the anglo saxon culture.The anglo saxons where a war like people,and lets not forget the english whipped a lot of ass in there day.the germanic tribes where really good at colonization

18-01-14, 04:31
Industrial Revolution was behind largest GB expansion. At first Portugal, Spain and France dominated in building colonies, not germanic at all with France somewhat germanic, but overall mainly celtic cultural origin.
I'm not saying that germanic were not expansionists, there are a lot of examples of it during history of last two millennia. The biggest expansion though of GB happened from combination of germanic and celtic origin enhanced by industrial production might, giving them superior technology and fast population growth.

18-01-14, 06:53
I believe the Celts, Romans, Normans and the anglo-saxons contributed to England's empire in one way of the other. In my opinion, it's my understanding that if we all work together, we can create so much more. But there were some quelms on both England and Ex-English countries

19-01-14, 02:19
The combined Anglo-Saxon and Norman ethos is what made England strong. The stolid determination of the Germanics along with the trade curiosity of the Normans resulted in a virtual race to see which country could gain the most land/wealth for itself. Among the colonising countries, Germany was a comparatively minor player when compared to Spain, Portugal, England etc. So, no single English blood line can claim supremacy in the drive to colonise countries around the world.