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28-09-09, 22:23
As regards competences in matters affecting EU citizens and consumers, Member States always try to force their own rules in many Single Market sectors, for instance, in the gambling services.

Though there have been certain cases from the European Court of Justice, such as Gambelli, that introduced some flexibility to approve cross-border services in this sector, other cases, such as the BWin one, go in the opposite direction.

MS still make people bet through monopolised state owned companies instead of allowing them to use any company they wish regardless the MS where the company is based so as to ensure that every EU citizen has the same right.

Check the website Right2bet to gain more information about it and sign a petition.


29-09-09, 10:21
I won't delete this post as spam this time because it is EU related, but that is borderline...

01-12-09, 13:56
The post is EU related and it is just showing an example of the way consumers are gathering to form initiatives whose objective is to guarantee their rights as consumers within an EU single market as the EU is supposed to be.

Michael Folkesson
24-02-10, 21:04
Interesting. I don't know anything about gambling and am afraid I have no idea what MS is, but in my country Sweden there is an old gambling/betting monopoly that is state run for the same reason we still have a monopoly in alcohol retail; to protect the consumer by controlling the market. I am not sure about what I feel about deregulation of market sectors that do have a risk of being abused by both supplier and consumer.

I am not sure how it would benefit privatizing those markets since I don't see the prospect of the private actor improving quality or availability, only providing an increase of risk of abuse.

That said, I would think that there is a penalty for impeding a deregulated market? I wonder what matter of control system there might be from EU. Are there any inspections, controls and analysis?
Or do they operate by the honor system?