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02-10-09, 19:56
Has anyone more information or explaination about this mtDNA subclades :

Sublcade : Place of highest frequency

H1 : Spain, Scandinavia, Germany and Russia

H3 : Iberia, Sardinia and Germanic countries

H5 : France, Northern Italy, Iberia, Central European plain, Finland

V : Basque country and northern Scandinavia

K1c : Most of Western and Northern Europe, especially Iberia

K2b: Britain, Ireland, Iberia and the Alps

03-10-09, 10:33
Here is already part of the sources for haplogroup H (http://www.genebase.com/blog/?p=33). I can't find the links for the others right now.

03-10-09, 17:16
ok, thanks for the link

^ lynx ^
29-12-09, 20:23
I found an article about V haplotype: http://danishdemes.org/mtDNA-results-HgV.shtml