View Full Version : Real aims of the European Union

31-01-10, 01:42
Okay, I'll start off by introducing my self.
I'm a paddy as you can see and I've decided to find a new forum as my old one has been in maintenance since Christmas and I fear it will never see the light of day again.

The aim of this thread is for you guys to prove to me that the European Union is not corrupt, a strange suspicion I've had since I was a child and I can't seem to shake it. For some reason i always thought the EU would some day decide to assume full control of Europe via military conquest. The Lisbon Treaty being forced on us didn't help either...
So, let loose, convince me.

30-07-10, 15:38
I am no fan of the EU, but surely the onus is on people to demonstrate its 'guilt' as opposed to its innocence in a thread like this?

13-10-11, 09:48
You have introduced some good thoughts, but i can't clearly accept or agree with your thoughts. The European Union played quite well acts in different issues comes under the ground and still its going on in a smooth way. I have completed an Europe social issue essays (http://essayscouncil.com/) for my academic purpose, for that i made a preparation which enabled some useful ideas on the working of the Union. Hope you can't ignore the importance by means of some bad remarks or thoughts behind it.