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19-02-10, 14:41
Cultural Diplomacy in Europe: A Forum for Young Leaders is an active network of individuals interested in strengthening and supporting the European relations. The next CDE Weeklong Seminar will take place in Berlin from 14th - 19th March 2010 and will focus on the following theme: The Treaty of Lisbon and the New Face of the EU: The "United States of Europe"?

In a recent speech at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, Ms. Ségolène Royal made the following statement: “Now is the time to raise ourselves up to the demand of a realistic utopia: The United States of Europe”. The forthcoming CDE Weeklong Seminar will explore the recently ratified Lisbon treaty and consider the idea of a “United States of Europe” in detail.

The forthcoming CDE Weeklong Seminar will:

·Assess the impact of the Lisbon Treaty on the unity of the European Union and the EU decision-making process.
·Examine the idea of a “United States of Europe” with a particular focus on foreign and security policy, economic policy, and influence as a global political player.
·Explore the reasons for the apparent rise of the right on the accession of new EU member states and the EU integration process.
·Consider the challenges of developing a pan-European migration policy and explore multilateral approaches to address this issue.
·Examine the interplay between identity and religion in the context of the European Union and the importance of religion to the expansion of the EU.
·Consider the role languages play in dividing and uniting different cultural groups and the development of the English language as the “world” language.

Former Speakers hosted by the ICD during weeklong seminars and programs include:

President Dr. Alfredo Palacio, Former President of Ecuador
Jorge Sampaio, Former President of Portugal
President Emil Constantinescu, Former President of Romania
Dr. Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga, Former President of Latvia
Ségolène Royal, President of the Poitou-Charentes Regional Council
Cassam Uteem, Former President of the Republic of Mauritius
Janez Jansa, Former Prime minister of Slovenia, president of the Slovenian Democratic Party
Mike Kenneth Moore, Former Prime Minister of New Zealand; Former Director General of the World Trade Organization
Mart Laar, Former Prime Minister of Estonia
Jack McConnell, MSP, Former First Minister of Scotland
Dr. Alfred Sant, Former Prime Minister of Malta; Member of Malta’s Parliament
Radmila Šekerinska, Former Prime Minister of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Sir James R. Mancham, KBE - PhD Founding and Former President of the Republic of Seychelles
Senator the Hon Alan Ferguson, The 22nd President of the Australian Senate, Current Deputy President of the Australian Senate
Luc van den Brande, Former Minister-President of Flanders-Belgium, President of the European Union's Committee of the Regions

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