View Full Version : Is there E-V13 in the Middle East

22-02-10, 00:15
I saw that in the Middle East (Iran, Afganistan,) are some E, but which subclade?

Is the any E-V13 in Iran, Afganistan, Pakistan, India, Irak, etc??

08-03-10, 06:33
i too wonder if greeks mixed with arabs and others in the middle east maybe

13-03-10, 19:36
Well there are legends in these areas that the soldiers of the Great Alexander mixed with women in the Middle East.

In fact there are people there that believe that those with blue eyes in the area decent from Great Alexander and his soldiers.

14-03-10, 11:29
The probelm is, that only among Pathans were found some E-V13, and no one else.

But J2b is very high percentage there. Is this a Balkan Haplogroup?