View Full Version : Negroid genes in Afrikaners

The Dutch
03-03-10, 08:17
Many Afrikaners have ancestry from Khoisan, Malay and Indian slaves; probably more than from Bantu-speaking Africans (the latter being latecomers to the Cape region).

The non-European ancestry tends to be maternal (like Amerindian ancestry in Latin America and Celtic ancestry in Iceland.)

The difference between "white" and "Coloured" during apartheid was often in the amount of non-European ancestry (and effect on phenotype), rather than its presence.

In this case, what is the percentage of non-european genes in Afrikaners?

04-03-10, 19:39
Well, obviously it would vary from family to family. Individuals would have to have their DNA mapped if they're to discern the type and degree of black African influence in their genes.