View Full Version : Easter anyone?

04-04-10, 15:01
Do you regard Easter as a religious holiday?

To be more specific do you go to church or regard it as anything more than time off work?

Most people I know give little regard for the religious side to this holiday, I am curious to see how many people around Europe take their religion seriously?

Michael Folkesson
04-04-10, 17:24
No, I don't pay regards to the religious origin of the holiday. It's just a tradition. But I am not a Christian so it would be strange. But how Christian is any of the holidays these days.

04-04-10, 22:50
I am Christian so I do regard it as a religious holiday. I do celebrate Easter and I eat Easter eggs and chocolate rabbits every year during Easter but we eat meat despite that traditionally as Christians we are not supposed to. I am not that pious.

05-04-10, 09:39
I consider it a religious holiday (like Xmas) which is why I completely disregard it, even for work. I am a point of not distinguishing religious holidays from normal days.

Europe is supposed to be secular. Why should Christian holidays be public/national holidays ? That's against the separation of state and religion. We do not live in Christianic states, do we ? ("Christianic" being an impromptu neologism meant to convey the same connotation as in "Islamic state").