View Full Version : Polish President dies in air crash ... (breaking)

10-04-10, 11:50
There’s news coming in that Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife are amongst the dead in a plane crash that happened about 3 hours ago (that would be around 0700 GMT)

They were on the way to attend the memorial event for the Katyn massacre.

Indications seem to be that the crash may have been down to bad visibility as the reports that I’m seeing indicate the aircraft came in too low and hit trees.

10-04-10, 15:51
Terrible, I am shocked...

Cambrius (The Red)
10-04-10, 16:12
Awful, just awful. Ninety people died.

10-04-10, 20:53
All 80+ passengers on board died. Most were high-ranking officials and military, including the army chief, the central bank governor, and some MPs.

Ironic that many Poles would died in a Russian plane on their way to commemorate a massacre of Poles by the Russians...

^ lynx ^
10-04-10, 21:43
Terrible news.


Cambrius (The Red)
10-04-10, 21:54
RIP. My condolences to all the people of Poland.