View Full Version : Introducing Wa-pedia (Japan-version of Eupedia)

14-04-10, 10:16
About a month ago, the website Japan Reference was split in two between its two co-owners, including myself. From this split was born a new website under my supervision: Wa-pedia (http://www.wa-pedia.com/) (a.k.a. 和ペディア or 和-pedia)

Obviously named after Eupedia, the "Wa" (和) in Wa-pedia is one of the characters that means "Japan" in Japanese (or in Chinese). The site has a similar design and layout to Eupedia.

I invite you to discuss any topic related to Japan in the Japan Forum @ Wa-pedia (http://www.wa-pedia.com/forum/). Discussion about China, inevitable these days, are encouraged in the China Forum (http://www.wa-pedia.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=142).

22-02-11, 21:55
Wow... I didn't know it.

Naturally, I will go to Wapedia... altough I never had any problem with the guys of JRef... on the contrary, I just found good people there.


18-03-11, 01:44
just joined wa-pedia..it looks very interesting and informative..I am sure I will have lot
to share my knowledge of japan...