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Michael Folkesson
26-04-10, 12:04
What happened to the Khazars? Is the majority or part of the east European Jews descendants of the Khazars who migrated westward? Or did they just vanish or are they still there making up the peoples of Caucasus and southern European Russia?

26-04-10, 12:44
I learned about them YEARS ago when studying for the Ministry.

Apparently they were from the North and nomadic, and as they chose Judaism in preference to Islam so gaining “Children of the Book” status and thus avoiding the “islamic convert or die” dictate so retaining much of their traditions, identities, and culture.

By the 8th century and at the same time as they met islam on the ground it be blocking them from Christianity. This as a result of the terrorism and conquest by islamic forces as they raped and pillaged their way across Europe.

So the answer is that they probably were eventually assimilated into islam, or Christianity when they had the chance.

As I recall the only basis for any claim that they were in any real way associated with Judaism was as a result of their own choice as a means of avoiding “conversion by the Sword” yet still being able to pretty much carry on their own lifestyle unhindered by the demands and oppression of islam and that is all.

Michael Folkesson
26-04-10, 13:45
Well, the Magyars migrated to what is now Hungary. Does this mean that the Finnish and Estonians have Khazar origin?

02-09-11, 00:35
Between 965 and 969, Khazar sovereignty was broken by Sviatoslav I of Kiev. They became a subject people of Kievan Rus'. Gradually displaced by the Rus', the Kipchaks, and later the conquering Mongol Golden Horde, the Khazars largely disappeared as a culturally distinct people.

22-02-17, 07:24
Thats interesting.

07-05-17, 11:17
haha with that post you can piss off a lot of jews (not real israelites)