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19-05-10, 18:55
Does anybody listen to Blondie on their music player, radio or whatever? I am a fan of her music from the 'New Wave' era and wondered what your opinion is on the band?

The Blondie songs I listen to the most are 'The Tide is High', 'Heart of Glass', 'Maria', 'One Way or Another', 'Atomic'.

19-05-10, 19:36
Coincidently, I listened to Blondie on my walk this morning. Good 80s band. Surprisingly, heard the other day they have a new album coming out soon.

Cambrius (The Red)
19-05-10, 20:32
I still listen to Blondie once in a while. Real nice band with a unique sound.

19-05-10, 22:44
Blondie...Eat to the Beat. Excellent album, great songs.

31-05-10, 04:40
Blondie was, and remains a big favourite of mine.

Too many great songs, so here is a less well known one which I think is an antidote to our increasingly nihilistic age: (you tube "Shayla" as I am not allowed to post links yet).

17-03-11, 15:04
An excellent group.

Cambrius (The Red)
20-03-11, 00:24
Still listen to them every now and then.

12-03-13, 14:07
Yeah classic, I DJ a bit and like to use this remix of Blondie, if you google it is called: DJ Agent 86 - Blondie -Rapture- (DJ Agent 86 Remix). Kept fairly close to the original which is why i like it.

11-06-15, 04:31
still listen to Blondie...