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17-06-10, 13:40
Hello everybody!
i represent a group of young people from Latvia. And i would like to invite you to our faboulous country. To thous who think that Latvia isn`t interesting. Chek out what lonelyplanet.com says about it ;)


If somebody needs a guide with his own wan throu Latvia, Just let me know. [email protected] +37122013566 i guarantee that it will be the adventure of your life time. I will take you throw place where normal tourists don`t go. You can stay at real Latvian houses, experience how people are living, spend a night in a tent by old castle ruins and so much more. So if your interested just let me know and i`ll explayn ewerything...
See ya in Latvia!

18-06-10, 09:41
I would be interested to host a guide of Latvia (and other European countries not yet on Eupedia) on this website. If you or any of your friends can write such a guide, with your own content (nothing copied from another website), I will publish it on Eupedia (I will also cite you as the author if you wish). The quality of the content has to be good enough. I can help fixing the writing style (to the extend of my abilities) if necessary.

I think that if you want to promote your country on an English language website, Eupedia is a very good opportunity for you. You can start little by little, by writing about smaller towns, or just a basic overview of Riga. A fact sheet and interesting facts about Latvia page are also needed. You can see examples for other countries here (http://www.eupedia.com/trivia/).

22-03-15, 02:09
I love Latvia!

Miss Marple's nephew
26-10-17, 17:38
I have also been to Latvija. Nice country ... nice people.