View Full Version : Hotest month of the year

19-06-10, 16:57

I am worrying about global warming but no body plant tree, today I read a announce plant tree in local news, but I think it need world news and every people should plant a tree and bring up tree, otherwise after some year, nobody feel pleasure in the A/c or air conditioners.

If one person inspire from my news then I will pleasure more than news paper announce.

Thank you.

19-06-10, 17:43
I have a better idea, why do you guys in India use more condoms?

How many trees do you have to plant to compensate for every new Indian born? 10, 100, 1000, I have no idea.

Scientists in Australia calculated that to have a dog pet is like owning and driving another SUV car.

19-06-10, 19:46
That's an interesting idea, planting trees for a family child born. I can handle that. Just bought a new home with decent room for trees.

20-06-10, 00:10
I'll be planting trees in the spring around my new home. The one thing that pisses me off is that trees are green here in Calgary only for 4 months.

20-06-10, 02:28
That would suck. I don't care much for the cold. Then again the frozen north is not sounding so bad right now. Our new place is in Florida, located on the gulf, soon to be touched with oil and maybe a hurricane or two. I almost feel I should apologize to America. I buy an ocean front place, and the worst oil spill occurs a few months later, and a record hurricane season is predicted. At least the trees will be green!