View Full Version : Graves of archaeological cultures and DNA/Haplogroup results

16-07-10, 22:31
I wanted to ask which archaeological cultures' graves have been tested thus far for ancient DNA, and where did they yield Y-chromosomal or mitochondrial DNA results?

The ones I am aware of are the following:

- the Corded Ware culture (Eulau, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany) yielded R1a.

- Urnfield culture (Lichtenstein cave, Lower Saxony, Germany) yielded I2b2, R1a and R1b.

- Funnelbeaker culture is currently tested, but no results yet.

Are there any other noteworthy examples you can think of? :thinking:

17-07-10, 00:01
This is an old link around here, but it's the one I have saved in bookmarks:


17-07-10, 02:37
-Tocharians R1a1a
-Tagar R1a1

17-07-10, 02:57
-Tocharians R1a1a
-Tagar R1a1

This is very interesting, and basically reinforces the whole association of R1a with the spread of the Indo-European languages.