View Full Version : Deep clade testing?

22-07-10, 02:55
How long does it take once you buy the kit? Does FTDNA need a new swab or can they get it from what I have already submitted?

22-07-10, 11:09
No they don't need a new swab. As far as I know they only send you a new swab kit if you decide to take part in the "Walk the Y" project. I've just gotten my Deep clade test for R. It took about 3-4 weeks I would think. In my case I'm:
P312+ L21+ M37- M222- P66-

I've order the additional L21 tests to see if I can pick narrow down my position in L21.

22-07-10, 20:17
The time it takes is varies a lot from a test to another. It can range from as little as 2 weeks to many months. I know of someone whose test took almost a year to complete because the DNA sample was of bad quality.

22-07-10, 23:29
Thanks to both of you Gentlemen! :good_job:
My original test came back as R1b1b2* Predicted M269, so there is quite a bit of variation below that rather general grouping. I hope that they are able to get it down to a confirmed group.

23-07-10, 00:18
I'm also R1b1b2* predicted M269 and waiting for my 37 marker update. So can someone tell me what levels of subclades a deep clade will cover with R1b1b2? Will L44-L48 be included? What if I'm L21, P312 or U152 will all the subclades under them be covered? FTDNA's does not list what is covered with a deep clade test. Should I just wait since I suspect I'm L48 based on ysearch matches and new subclades of L48 are being found?
I'm pretty tight on cash now so I can't be spending $20-$50 a pop on testing subclades.