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Semitic Duwa
08-08-10, 22:01
This is what wiki says of Funnelbeakers:


The Funnelbeaker culture is believed to be the origin of the gene allowing adults of Northern European descent to digest lactose. In the area formerly inhabited by this culture, prevalence of the gene is virtually universal.[2]
Ancient DNA extracted from individuals ascribed to the TRB horizon were found to possess mtDNA haplogroups H, J, and T.[3]

Comments anyone?

08-08-10, 22:32
This is what wiki says of Funnelbeakers:
Comments anyone?

I'm not sure about that lactose tolerance thing. The mito-Haplogroups are very interesting, however. Basically, judging from it, it seems that the Funnelbeakers were an admixture of aboriginal Europeans and Near Eastern immigrants. Also, Funnelbeaker Y-DNA is being tested at the moment at the university of Kiel, and results are expected in October. I'm very curious there about the results. :good_job:

09-08-10, 02:09
The strongest correlation of lactose tolerance is with Battle Axe culture. Look at maps of lactose tolerance in Europe and Battle Axe expansion.