View Full Version : The citizen of Odessa, who defended his girlfriend and himself, is under arrest

29-08-10, 06:35
19-year-old student of Odessa National Polytechnic University – Vyacheslav Gratsiotov, who had inflicted a fatal knife wound on one of the hooligans while being defending his girlfriend and himself was sent to pre-trial prison by Vladimir Labunskiy, the Judge of Primorskiy district Court.
This determination was given on Yelena Chechina’s, the crime investigator of Portofranco police department initiative. The tragedy took place on the evening of 23rd August, 2010 at Sobornaya Square in Odessa. 21-year-old Roman Trachev with his drinking companion Evgeniy being under alcoholic inebriation provoked an unfounded fight with Vyacheslav Gratsiotov and Yulia Nazhimova. The couple were knocked down and beaten. They were hit over their heads by feet, as it can be seen on the video (search for 9ccy9lGzQcY at youtube), spread by Regional Governance of Inner Affairs.
Vyacheslav Gratsiotov pulled out penknife and inflicted a wound to Roman and then fled away with his girlfriend. The wound appeared fatal. Next evening police found Gratsiotov and arrested him. He was detained as a dangerous special criminal during his apartment’s assault, as his parents stated.
At first the criminal case was excited as “Deliberate drawing of heavy physical injuries at excess of limits of necessary defense or at excess of the measures necessary for detention of the criminal” Article 124 of Ukraine Criminal Code, but then it was turned into “Drawing of heavy physical injuries” Article 124, part 2. Thereby Vyacheslav can be put into a prison from 7 to 10 years.
On August 27th the crime investigator Yelena Chechina claimed custody for Vyacheslav as a restraint, she says he is a dangerous criminal, and the claim was satisfied. During passing the sentence upon Vyacheslav in the court he fainted. The ambulance doctors diagnosed brain concussion (the youth had been hit on his head during the fight), vegetative-vascular dystonia and hypertensive crisis. But City Hospital N1 refused to hospitalize Vyacheslav, where he was evacuated by the ambulance. Now the youth is returned to Portfranco police department, from where he will be transferred to pre-trial prison on Monday. There are 3 days to appeal against the court's decision.
Yulia Nazhimova made a statement to police regarding the hooligan assault to her and Vyacheslav. The criminal case was not excited so far and the survived second hooligan is a witness in the case against Vyacheslav.
Meanwhile numerous public communities initiated signature-gathering campaign in defense of Vyacheslav Gratsiotov. The open letter was handed to Eduard Matveychuk, the Governor of Odessa Region.
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