View Full Version : Where would you live?

21-09-10, 09:31
Looking for people opinions of living in various countries.

Pros and Cons of living in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal?

I'm very interested in hearing people experiences of living and working in these countries?

22-09-10, 05:31
Italy, somewhere by the Mediterranean sea.

24-11-10, 04:45
Philippines, best place to relax.

16-02-11, 23:58
In my next life I'd rather live in Northern Italy, but I would kick LeBrok out of that country.

17-02-11, 03:01
I'll be there first, so I won't let you in to kick me out. :grin:

17-02-11, 16:47
I'll be there first, so I won't let you in to kick me out. :grin:

I hope that it would at least be posted on youtube. Talk about a viral hit!
I wonder what the odds in Vegas would be on that match.

17-02-11, 22:05
I would love to live in New York City, at least for a while. I´ve been a few times there and it is my favourite city. In Europe? Hmm, probably somewhere in England or in Barcelona, nice weather there :)

18-02-11, 00:11
There are pluses and minuses to living in California. Weather and availability of jobs in my sector are pluses. Minuses include high cost of living (for USA), the impersonal culture, and the crowdedness and pollution in some areas.

I've thought that it would be nice to live in Southwest England, or maybe in Switzerland, or maybe somewhere in Germany. I've visited the Paris area more than I have anywhere else in Europe, but can't really see myself there.

18-02-11, 07:39
I'd rather live where I am, on an island. Don't think I could live anywhere away from the sea again.

19-02-11, 02:18
in a big city, i couldn't live on a small island, or in an isolated village. not in the muntains too, i don't like the mountain it makes me depressed

Lamonica Detweiler
07-10-15, 07:59
Philippines, Best place to relax and have fun. :)

24-02-16, 02:42
I’ve lived in all four.

My father’s mother’s side is extremely old French. I grew up, with my brothers, when not traveling / living with parents [dad did a lot of travel due to his career] on our grandparents’ farm in the Picardy region of France. The farm has been in the family for many, many, many years [generations].

My mother’s cousin, well he (his brother & son too, and his father a savvy businessman), is a pilot with the British airways. He has houses in England, Barcelona (Spain) and Lagos (Portugal) & when working in these areas, I have oftentimes made use of his houses.

When I am not traveling for my own career, or like now visiting relatives in Canada for a family get together until 3/4ths into May, I happen to own a property [condo] with my partner/boyfriend in Florence that we got about 2 years ago.

So what exactly are you wanting to know?

I have travelled to so many places – first as a child with my parents, and then as an adult for my own career – that the “normal” concept of pro vs. con has sort of lost meaning. I am, after all, extremely adaptable. I am as comfortable in a tiny village as I am in a major city. So … what you find a con, might, for me, be hardly a problem.

As for the "ultimate" place I'd like to live would have to be somewhere remote, somewhere widely untouched by human expansion. I love cities; but ultimately, I am most comfortable in nature. So either my grandparent's farm or, as I have visited, the farm that my partner's parents own in their home country. Now that is fantastically remote, barely another house [or soul] for miles.

17-06-16, 09:31
By the sea..