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04-10-10, 23:28
I have just seen footage of Europe winning the Ryder Cup and I was struck by the players all playing in blue with caddies having the EU flag over their shoulders. I have never seen any one compete as Europe before it was a bit bizarre.

Is this team Europe a sign of things to come?

Should the olympic games be reduced to continental teams from around the world? Should the FIFA Confederations cup actually be North America, South America, Europe, Asia etc?

Do you think team Europe is a good idea?


05-10-10, 06:18
The idea is nice, but the biggest chance has the best club from Europe, or other continent. Players know each other very well, and play the best in this configuration.

19-01-11, 23:16
I agree with LeBrok on the best club having the best chance to win in intercontinental competitions.

I think it is interesting and entertaining though to have some games where there'd be Team Europe vs Team Someothercontinent. I come from tiny Finland, so often I don't get to see anyone from my country winning any cups so it's nice to share in some common European victory even if it really has nothing to do with me other than the same continent! I hope for other games as well than just Ryder Cup.

I still want to keep national level teams in Olympics and World Cup games though. More medals for Europe :P .

04-09-11, 09:58
I saw the game they really played very well and the captain was outstanding. I think other team got the good lesson from there team co-operation plus performance.