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07-10-10, 23:37
I stumble across this site after a discussion at lunch today with a couple of co-workers on how mutually inteligible Italian was with Spanish. The site really wasn't what I was looking for but it is extremely interesting and a great deal of work has gone into the whole project.

Here is the main site. Apparently this is something that grew from research by some language post graduates. The goal of the site is a "Modern Indo-European" language.

Here is just one of the links I found that I found quite interesting. The page lists the Schleicher Fable in a number of derived Proto-Languages.

I was fairly amazed at how close some of the language constructs were to each other. Especially Proto-Italic and Proto-Celtic. It lends some credence to Maciamo's suggestion that Latin was adopted and incorporated by the Celtic speaking tribes into their languages to produce the modern Romance languages.
I have a feeling that I will spend a fairly large amount of time on this site.

07-10-10, 23:50
You are wrong about Latin; its similarities with celtic lie in the fact that both italic and celtic developed in the danube plane where, they developed similar features due to close geographic contact.

08-10-10, 00:06
Huh? Julia, I am not disputing that, in fact that's what I am saying. Proto-Italic and Proto-Celtic are very close since they both arose from groups who where closely related geographically and culturally. If you look at the second link I posted you will see that the proto-languages of Italic and Celtic were very closely related.
Maciamo postulated in a previous post that the adoption of Latin by Celtic tribes in Gaul, Iberia and Romania was aided because Latin was close in vocabulary and structure to the languages already spoken by the people living in those areas.