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25-10-10, 21:47
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So. Go to yahoo and search: bonaparte i, male descendants. results under Are you a direct male descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The problem here is that Igenea appears to include Napoleon's brothers as his descendants!! Same y-dna for sure, but not descendants.

Naploleon i had NO known male descendants. He is said to have "sired" an illegitimate son by Maria Countess Waleska?

Does anyone on this forum have information regarding the Illegitimate line?

The only legtimate known Bonaparte's on the male line is via Napoleons youngest brother Jerome Bonaparte. He has two living male descendants, a father and his son. The son is, Jean Christophe Bonaparte b. 1986 France.

Also there is an excellant genealogical chart on the Bonepartes by searching Yahoo. wikeipedia; House of Bonaparte. The above persons are listed.


19-04-11, 10:51
Hello Melusine,

take a look for the illegitimate descendants of Napoleon I. / Walewski

http://www.walewski.org (http://www.walewski.org)