View Full Version : Healthcare - a privilege or a right?

Jim Johnson
01-11-10, 22:19
As a society we need to have unity. Does leaving healthcare coverage in private hand count as unity?
I watched my mother-in-law (American) die of cancer for two years while she could not afford to be in a private club of proper health coverage. It was a nightmare to deal with!
The American Christian Society (com) says it is wrong to leave healthcare in private hands.
The strength of a society can be measured by how it treats its weakest members.
So I guess my question is: Should healthcare coverage be a society thing or private hands?

Mzungu mchagga
03-11-10, 23:16
The strength of a society can be measured by how it treats its weakest members.

Not necessarily! It is amazing to see how people protested in masses and united against Obama's Health Care Reform with his introduction of binding national health insurances. In their view it was a crime against their God given right of individual independence, in which no property can be taken away for the sake of someone else, who perhaps due to some reason deserved to be in a miserable situation. Unless he is able to pull himself out of this situation alone again.
For me and probably most Europeans absolutly unbelievable und not understandable, but a real ethical view from old Puritan doctrines.

As you are from Germany like me, you know that the first article of our basic law (hey, I couldn't call it a constitution, as we don't have one :innocent:) guarantees state protected and defended dignity to everyone. Alone from this point of view it would be impossible, at least in Germany, to provide no health security at all.
Does anyone here know what the EU says to that topic? Thnx!

Of course you can't measure dignity, so in the end it is left to the government how much it is willing to provide (also perhaps through the help of health insurances) and how much the people are willing to bear.

For me personally basic health care is a right! This includes questions about life and death, and diseases which due to high suffering are not reasonable. Between this and no treatment there is a wide range of options and examples I could discuss about.

04-11-10, 14:37
You are right , basic health care will start at home and by our self. We should take care our body so that it will lessen the government's headache.