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05-11-10, 01:23
Dear Maciano,

I recognize that the majority of the persons on Europe Forum are male, however, since I am female would you consider "feminizing", the titles as they move up?

There is such a word as Squiress (daughter of a Squire),

And Baroness rather than Baron, instead of Knight Dame/Damsel

How would the men in this forum like to be designated as QUEENS!:heart:

Thank you,


05-11-10, 10:31
Unfortunately it's not possible to implement both male and female titles on a forum like this. If you know a way (a hack of something), let me know.

05-11-10, 17:32
Thank you for your reply.

No, I don't have a "clue" as to how to "fix" this female/male thing. Guess it's like trying to make mdtdna into y-dna.

IF Joan of Arc could handle it, I can too.