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14-11-10, 03:53
Hi Maciamo,

I am new posting to this forum but have been studying Y-DNA for some time. I was wondering if you had any sources for the statement that M167/SRY2627 is found in Cornwall and western France (and wasn't Brittany listed on there previously as well)? Thanks!

14-11-10, 11:02
One source is the FTDNA R-SRY2627 Project (http://www.familytreedna.com/public/R1b1c6/default.aspx?section=ymap). The map clearly shows that it is more common in western France and south-west Germany. As for the British Isles, it looks like R1b-SRY2627 is spread a bit everywhere, especially around London, northern England, southern Scotland and Ireland. But the percentage is actually quite low. There are just far more people from the British Isles who took a Y-DNA test.

As for Cornwall, I had an old study showing a small percentage there, but it might be due to a sampling bias. Unfortunately there is no Cornwall Y-DNA Project on FamilyTreeDNA. But there is a Devon Project (http://www.familytreedna.com/public/Devon/default.aspx) and there was one R1b-SRY2627 member (out of only 15 R1b members tested for deep subclades).

14-11-10, 18:33
Thank you for this. What is the latest thinking on this forum about the ancestral origins of R1b-SRY2627? I have read elsewhere that there is a marker called L176.2 that is ancestral to both SRY2627 and S68 (the latter found often in Scandinavia and in Norse settlements), so some are arguing for a Scandinavian origin, while others continue to argue for an Iberian origin.

My personal stake in the question is that my paternal ancestor is from an undetermined origin in France, and sailed to Acadia from La Rochelle in the mid-1600s. My paternal line has tested as R1b-SRY2627. I have a semi-close match (on 37 markers) to a family from Devon that suggests a common ancestor in the 900s, so it seems likely that my paternal ancestor has origins in the northern coast of France. I am trying to figure out whether Breton/Celtic or Norman/Norse ancestry is more likely.

23-11-10, 03:22
Hi Maciamo, I noticed that you updated your page shortly after responding to my question, and have reconfigured the "most prevalent ancient ethnic group" to read Atlantic Celts and Suebi.

I definitely see evidence for the Atlantic Celt designation, but am wondering how you came up with Suebi? I haven't seen any other references to this tribe in connection with M167, and it seems their settlement pattern in Iberia was more in the northwest than in Catalonia. Just curious how you came up with that!