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28-11-10, 16:07

28-11-10, 20:32
Impressive speech and speaker, but at the end of the day it's nothing more than fear mongering deconstructive demagogue. He's more concentrated on creating scary images and feelings in harts of listeners, than giving them understanding of the situation. ...and this is what's really wrong...

28-11-10, 22:36
Nigel Farage is a single minded bigot, he's hardly a major figure in British or EU politics.

The truth is Portugal are soon to go and will need bailing out, the extend of the problem in Spain with the Cajas is yet to be revealed. For what I have read a Spanish bail out seems unlikely but if growth falters through EU wide austerity all bets are off.

Regardless of the outcome everyone knows nothing has been done to resolve the fundamental flaw in the EU model, a single currency with out the creation of what would essential amount to a federal Europe, simple isn't working.

You can't have economically struggling countries like Greece and Portugal in a single currency with the France and Germany.

At the momnet the EU leaders seem to be stuck in the middle of the road on one side lies good old nationalism, on the other a new world order of Europeans holding hands.

Perhaps we are reading this all wrong I mean Ireland have been forced to take the bailout now when techincally they didnt need to. They had their hand forced by the EU to calm the markets. If you are Germany looking to consolidate your power grip on Europe what better way to do it than have countires in debt to you. When your bank rolling half of Europe, any one that doesn't agree with you get their allowance cut.

04-12-10, 04:16
The real problem is the fact that banks like the IMF and the world bank are PRIVATELY held institutions just like the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England. Fractional reserve banking is criminal. ALL central banks are corrupt and they are the true power behind all Unions. these so called bail-outs are nothing more than printed money that's only "value" is to keep nations in a state of permanant debt and therefore under control. Get rid of all the central banks of the world and make fractional reserve banking a crime punishable by death and you will see a much larger middle class the world over....but the big guys on top dont want that.