View Full Version : Mummy Head (and brain) Identified as french king

18-12-10, 17:32
A Mummy Head and Brain Identifed as long lost French King Henry IV .

According to news reports (Fox) a team of multidisciplianry researchers have shown via a digital facial reconstruction that a mummy head has identified as King Henry IV of France.

No DNA test were done because of possible contamination.

The ditital and actual face of Henry IV are shown.


If this URL does not work go to: Yahoo search: king henry iv of france mummified head and then to: Mummy Head (and Brain) Identified as Long-Long French King (pg one of results)


19-12-10, 02:36
Very interesting! I wish that they could have done DNA testing on it.

Here's a link that works, Good king Henry's Head (http://english.ntdtv.com/ntdtv_en/ns_europe/2010-12-17/402060359543.html)