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31-12-10, 04:03
Since most of you will ring in the New Year before we will on our side of the pond, allow me to extend the best of wishes for all of you in 2011.

31-12-10, 05:02
Happy new year 2011 guys.!!!

31-12-10, 08:50
iyi yıllar :good_job:

31-12-10, 11:19
Have a good one, all!

31-12-10, 11:51
Happy New Year to everybody!
Srećna Nova Godina!

31-12-10, 13:58
It's still a bit early, but Happy New Year to all of you ! :spray:

how yes no 2
31-12-10, 15:42
I wish you all that year 2011 becomes one of your best years so far !

Happy New Year!!!

^ lynx ^
31-12-10, 16:29
Feliz ao nuevo 2011.
Feliz ano novo 2011.
Bon any nou 2011.
Urte berri on 2011.

Happy new year 2011. Best wishes to you all.


Mzungu mchagga
31-12-10, 19:07
Happy New Year from me, too! May all your wishes come true! :-)

31-12-10, 19:39
Happy New Year To All !

31-12-10, 21:32
Happy New Year to you all too!


Bonne année!

Semitic Duwa
01-01-11, 10:38
!שמה טובה שמח, חברים

01-01-11, 11:27
Happy new year and all the best to you all for 2011.

01-01-11, 15:15
Happy New Year, ladies and gentlemen.

Utterly Pointless Fact: 2011 is the 1100th anniversary of the founding of the Duchy of Normandy by Rollo the Walker, in a treaty with the French King Charles III.

How sad is it that I know stuff like this?:ashamed2:

01-01-11, 18:23
Now you have impressed me greatly. I did not know until this moment what Rollo's cognomen was. Very well done. Don't assume that these tidbits are without worth.

03-01-11, 16:04
Thank you. Legend has it, Rollo was named the Walker because he was so huge no horse could support him!

After the treaty had been concluded, the French King ordered Rollo to kiss his foot, to demonstrate submission. Rollo refused, but ordered another Viking warrior to do so. The Norseman grabbed the King's foot and jerked it up high in the air to kiss it, rather than kneeling down. The King of France ended up on his arse in the mud!

03-01-11, 16:22
I did remember reading the part about the flip act a while back. Classic!
Those guys had that neat way of being fearlessly unwilling to be subject to anyone and not to be impressed by fancy ceremonies. They could be lead, but not ruled. I like to think that I detect a hint of that same attitude among Alexander's Cavalry companions when they were so shocked at the adoption of the proskynesis by their King. They fully expected to be able to stand as equals with the leader of their band.

04-01-11, 02:32
Feliz ao nuevo.

05-01-11, 16:05
I've always believed that if you could define the Normans with a single word, it would be, "Pragmatic".

Rollo converted to Christianity as part of the treaty. On his death bed, he ordered 100 prisoners/slaves killed as a sacrifice to the Norse Gods. He then sent one hundredweight of gold to the Catholic Church, on the condition that they say prayers for his soul...

The way Rollo saw it, all his options for life after death were covered.