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chris eblana
10-01-11, 00:19
About the Hungarian situation of the Media...The role of EU... (http://eblanademocraticmove.blogspot.com/2011/01/about-hungarian-situation-of-mediathe.html)

We recently read about the Hungarian EU presidency, and the first news that come out of the country are not the most flattering! Media censorship in an EU country? Well the idea might sound absurd but all may not be as bad as people think. Read the partial article taken from Thursday's Irish Times (06.01.2011) and judge.

"Hungary will change its much-criticised media law if the European Union wants, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said today.However, Mr Orban delivered a vigorous defence of the legislation, arguing that there was nothing in it that was not in other EU countries' laws.

Mr Orban has been roundly criticised by EU states such as France, Britain and Germany because of concerns about restrictions on media freedom, saying it was long overdue and democratic.
But he acknowledged the criticism levelled at his government and said that if the European Commission, which is studying the text, sought alterations, they would be made.

"We are part of the EU, there are rules of the game," Mr Orban told foreign reporters invited to Hungary as the country assumes the rotating presidency of the EU for the next six months.
"Any procedure that the EU starts and initiates, Hungary will accept it... If we are not right, and it becomes a fact, we will agree and we will correct it," he said."

You can also read from the same article:
"Hungary says the media law had to be changed because the old legislation was ineffective, with increasingly virulent tabloid TV channels and newspapers acting with impunity.
Andras Koltay, a professor of media freedom who helped draft the law, used the examples of a newspaper that ran front page pictures of a Hungarian footballer shortly before he died during a game, and a TV reality show that questioned a girl about her sex life until she broke down. "They were violations of human dignity, and that is what this new law aims to protect," he said."

While I am also sceptical about any such laws, I am not fast to jump onto the band wagon of finger pointing! Besides, what was the EU doing before Hungary joined the block? Why didn't they put such rules and restrictions to stop such moves, if the Hungarian laws are as bad as people think? And as we read from the above article, Hungary will totally co-operate with EU if those laws are found to be breaking EU laws.

If I see the example of my native country Greece, where the Media are totally unregulated (especially TV) and each channel can broadcast any rubbish, reality and silly gossip talk shows then I would not mind a bit of that too! Where do we draw the line on our Media freedom? Why can't there be some constructive restrictions, rather anyone can broadcast any rubbish, instead of providing quality programs that will educate and inform the public? Why allow this mass "moronization" of the public with stupid American style reality shows, and gossip/lifestyle programs? What is more important to have "freedom" of the media or keep a level of decency and quality?

And what about Italy then? Why EU does not criticize the fact that one man owns the majority of the media there? Why Hungary and other new states must be stigmatised and be told what to do, while things are not as rosy in the old members of EU? Are we much better with all the reality shows that we watch, celebrity this and celebrity that? I want quality media, to have a constructive impact in our lives, not fill our heads with rubbish and taking our attention to things that are not as important, rather help us focus on things that are.While I definitely do not support media restrictions, some standards must not be lowered. In other words, I wouldn't go bananas yet about the incident, especially since Hungary is willing to fully co-operate with EU. Give them a chance.

Perhaps Hungary is being stigmatized or "framed" for being the only nation in EU and Europe to dare to do such a thing! Oppose the will of the European and Global elite that want totally unregulated media so they can brainwash the public and keep the status quo. You have to understand that the media are owned as I mention in a previous blogpost by mainly 6 international organizations! They try to make us all in Europe and the world compulsive buyers so their capitalist system that they have established will prevail. They want to design us after the American model. Haven't you noticed that in Europe we watch mainly American or British TV series and soap operas, and then our national ones, and our TV is getting more and more dominated with reality and programs that do not inform or offer anything constructive or help any critical thinking. By doing so it is easier to manipulate the public and keep the status quo! So if a country dare to control it, it faces a smear campaign like Hungary, portraying it as the likes of Venezuela. From the above article and the reaction of the Hungarian Government I realize that the situation might not just be as such so I keep all my cards open. It might just be that the cultured Hungarians felt disgusted by what the global media were promoting to their population, especially their youth and wanted to put some control over any broadcasting, so they won't become like Britain that is full of cheap realities.

Speaking about Britain and other countries, do you think that if I, a young pro-European aspiring journalist, moved there and tried to write any of the stuff I write in this blog, would any newspaper or other media hire me or publish my work? NO!! Because it challenges the dominant ideology of the British society! So do we have in reality freedom of speech in our countries? I doubt it! That is why I end up being a blogger and not a journalist already! Because no newspaper will publish my work as it challenges the ruling elite of each country I am living in. Everything is not what it seems always...

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Rastko Pocesta
28-04-11, 16:14
Hungary is getting a fascist constitution. I think it is finally time for European Union to do something, to prevent it. This is a disgrace, contrary to the basic values and principles on which the Union is founded.