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29-01-11, 18:14
Here are the Variance and Normalized Variance of R1b P312. What are Variance and Normalized Variance ? Does it mean diversity ?

COUNTRY/REGION Rel.Var._ N.Rel.Var.__ GD to COUNTRY Modal _ No. Ht's

All____________: Var=1.00, NVar=1.00 @50; AvgGD=14, MaxGD=30 @67 (N=2295)

France ________: Var=1.13, NVar=1.28 @50; AvgGD=15, MaxGD=27 @67 (N=93)
_N.C.France____: Var=1.28, NVar=1.24 @50; AvgGD=17, MaxGD=25 @67 (N=23)
_S.E.France____: Var=1.25, NVar=1.28 @50; AvgGD=15, MaxGD=21 @67 (N=7)
_N.E.France____: Var=1.18, NVar=2.46 @50; AvgGD=15, MaxGD=22 @67 (N=11)
_N.W.France____: Var=1.08, NVar=0.97 @50; AvgGD=15, MaxGD=19 @67 (N=22)
_S.W.France&Pry: Var=0.63, NVar=0.69 @50; AvgGD=12, MaxGD=16 @67 (N=15)

Low Countries__: Var=1.07, NVar=0.88 @50; AvgGD=15, MaxGD=22 @67 (N=25)

East/Cent Euro_: Var=1.05, NVar=1.32 @50; AvgGD=16, MaxGD=30 @67 (N=45)

Spain__________: Var=1.04, NVar=1.17 @50; AvgGD=15, MaxGD=26 @67 (N=58)

England All____: Var=0.99, NVar=1.07 @50; AvgGD=14, MaxGD=28 @67 (N=320)
_W.England_____: Var=1.00, NVar=1.09 @50; AvgGD=14, MaxGD=28 @67 (N=241)
_E.England_____: Var=0.96, NVar=1.02 @50; AvgGD=15, MaxGD=26 @67 (N=79)

Germany _______: Var=0.99, NVar=1.01 @50; AvgGD=15, MaxGD=23 @67 (N=101)

Ireland _______: Var=0.99, NVar=0.87 @50; AvgGD=12, MaxGD=27 @67 (N=577)

Switzerland____: Var=0.94, NVar=1.13 @50; AvgGD=15, MaxGD=21 @67 (N=26)

Alpine Area____: Var=0.93, NVar=1.03 @50; AvgGD=14, MaxGD=22 @67 (N=41)

Wales__________: Var=0.93, NVar=1.17 @50; AvgGD=14, MaxGD=23 @67 (N=64)

Scotland_______: Var=0.93, NVar=0.88 @50; AvgGD=13, MaxGD=27 @67 (N=272)

Nordic Area____: Var=0.90, NVar=1.00 @50; AvgGD=14, MaxGD=24 @67 (N=48)

Italy__________: Var=0.88, NVar=0.87 @50; AvgGD=15, MaxGD=22 @67 (N=29)
_S.Italy&Greece: Var=0.90, NVar=0.97 @50; AvgGD=15, MaxGD=21 @67 (N=13)
_N.Italy_______: Var=0.90, NVar=0.79 @50; AvgGD=14, MaxGD=22 @67 (N=13)

19-03-11, 15:38
To give you some idea..


26-05-11, 21:00
In this particular set of numbers, "Var" represents represents relative sum of the variance over the 50 non-multicopy, non-null markers of FTDNA's first 67. "Relative" means relative to all of R-P312's sum of the variance (so R-P312 All = 1.0.)

"NVar" represents relative of sum of the variance where each STR marker is weighted equally, which brings up the significance of slower mutating the STR's. I consider this experimental and would ignore "NVar."

As Reinaert pointed out, you can read definitions of "variance" on-line.