View Full Version : Is there any connection of Ydna with Bald, alopekia

10-02-11, 16:00
Is there any any connection of Dna and alopekia

if there is could that have somaething with YDna
I mean east mediteraneans have common the bald from 25 and after
while other places not even show a mark of alopekia

i ma not interesting in pathologic or in alopekia by medicines but in normal man, leaving a normal life.

10-02-11, 18:26
From what I heard, it is hereditary but from mother side. Look at your mother's brothers if they are bold.

10-02-11, 18:50
same read also X connection
but i find strange example 3 brothers all have alopekia

the fact should give women also alopekia if was only from X

I mean X from a bald father
X from a mother that have son with alopekia then -> 1 of 2 girls should have alopekia also

Yx bald father

Xx mother that already has a bald son

the 1 /2 girls xx

11-02-11, 05:16
I had alopecia, and it was from my mother.
It is autoimmune problem. I don't have it now, and it stopped when I took vitamin D3 supplements. Before that I was using sunscreen for 15 years.