View Full Version : origin en frequency of male pattern baldness

17-02-11, 19:21
I would like to have some more info on this subject.

What is the reason for male pattern baldness (perhaps physical advantage, or sexual mediated (attraction).

I know that male pattern baldness is more prominent in west-eurasians than in ast-eurasians and africans.

And what is the frequency, where the highest?


18-02-11, 02:40
Interesting subject, does someone have time to google information for us?

Evolutionary speaking, pattern boldness shows later in life, so it's not crucial for looks when guys are young when choosing mates and starting family. Previously people lived around 40 years, so boldness wasn't much of an issue. It doesn't effect strength, agility or smarts either.

I wonder if it was just a side effect of other mutation that was useful for something else. Fact that all races experience it makes it a very old mutations among hunter-gatherers in Africa.

05-03-12, 08:12
Some of my friends who are almost bald at their young ages tend to say that their fathers were like that too in their young age.

On 23andme they test the snp related to pattern baldness on the X, which is given by the mother. I feel doomed, I have greatly increased odds...