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28-02-11, 18:10
What do you think about the Academy Award ceremony? I liked the winners cuz’ I was fed up with latino bunch in previous ceremonies .

28-02-11, 18:22
LOL :innocent:

28-02-11, 18:33
What do I think of the AW ceremony? Didn't watch it, the Oscar ceremonies are inevitably over-rated, boring and irrelevant. Too many plastic people for my liking.

28-02-11, 19:27
Some people say the ceremony gets better and better, but somehow I find it more boring, and more boring...

(Am I getting old?).

I lamented that in the category of Feature Animation, I didn't see "The Guardians of Ga'hoole", but I guess that next year we will see it.

As the ceremony progressed I bagan to go to the kitchen, and even entered to this site to see what outrageous answer could someone put in the other thread (nothing).

However, the night ended well, for I liked that "The King's Speech" won over that other movie about Facebook or whatever... but I think it was just my instinct against "putting something high, just for the hype" :laughing:

(I have not seen either movie).

Honestly, since that occasion in which "The Hurt Locker", that racist movie - from some racist woman, whose name I don't remember - won over "Avatar", those Oscar ceremonies lost me, maybe for good.

28-02-11, 19:39
What do you think about the Academy Award ceremony? I liked the winners cuz’ I was fed up with latino bunch in previous ceremonies .

:laughing: :laughing:

Do you think that "Latinos" have won too much Academy Awards? :embarassed:

I don't know what are you talking about.

In a rapid attempt to remember, just Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardel (Spaniards) have won something that I remember.

(Mexico, for example, have been allmost constantly in the category of Best Foreign Language Movie in the last decade, and have won zero (0), Oscars).

So I don't know what are you talking about.


And now, that you mention it... I have seen very good, extraordinary Chinese, Korean and Japanese movies, and a** kicking animations, with fantastics scores and songs... but I NEVER (N E V E R) heard about them in those Ceremonies.

Well, I think that when some gringo appears there (e.g. Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson ) they are somehow taken into account. But otherwise, never.

Fortunately, not because of the Americana-Centrism of this ceremonies, the world do not see other good productions from around the globe.




Finally, and since you are "fed up with Latinos"... I have to say something... I doubt in speaking about it so directly... but, what can I do, when you are also, so direct? :useless:

I know why you "hate" Latinos.

I live in the same side of the ocean as you, so you cannot hide some trends from me.

Why instead of talking trash about "Latinos" in an European internet forum, don't you go to make some activism to improve Baltimore.

For starters, there are not a significant number of Latinos in Baltimore. So don't blame us for what you yourselves made, or seek for scape goats.

I live it to that.


28-02-11, 21:29
The hurt locker ain’t a racist movie. I think you didn’t understand subject matter . It’s a great film. About latin artist...Well two …And that's enough …I don’t want watch more latin people mexican or spaniards . Cause I think there’re a very good american artist...much better than latins… By the way I don't hate latins...just I believe they have to stay in your own country..that's all. Best regards.

^ lynx ^
02-03-11, 12:53
(Mexico, for example, have been allmost constantly in the category of Best Foreign Language Movie in the last decade, and have won zero (0), Oscars).

This is off-topic Siririous. Your troll-friend is talking about latins (spaniards, italians, portuguese, …) not about mexicans.

Warn regards.

02-03-11, 15:52
Bye, bye...

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02-03-11, 17:18
If you would have wanted to ignore me in the first place you wouldn't had followed me from the "Loquo" forum.

My registration date: 9-12-2009
Your registration date: 17-12-2009

(Yes, I know you came from there just like all your other troll friends: Trollhattan, hangman, Carlitos... you guys can stop with the show already).

Warm regards.

25-04-11, 14:15
I don't think that Cuz is deserving one..

24-11-11, 09:37
Academy awards or Oscar is the best way to recognize a person globally because it is a best source to check and measure your work. I like these awards and see curiously every year .

16-04-18, 13:43
I could not find a better thread, however i decided to post it here. Yesterday passed away Ronald Lee Ermey (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R._Lee_Ermey) famous for his role of Gunnery Sergeant (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gunnery_Sergeant) Hartman (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full_Metal_Jacket#Plot) in the 1987 film Full Metal Jacket (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full_Metal_Jacket), which earned him a Golden Globe Award (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Globe_Award) nomination for Best Supporting Actor (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Best_Supporting_Actor).

Full Metal Jacket Opening Scene

16-04-18, 13:44
Happy Birthday Jesus

16-04-18, 13:45
Full Metal Jacket - Drill Instructor Speech (R. Lee Ermey)

16-04-18, 14:42
Defenders of the Father/Motherland
- Difensori della Patria -

26-11-18, 13:57
È morto Bernardo Bertolucci, l'ultimo grande maestro del Novecento (https://www.repubblica.it/spettacoli/cinema/2018/11/26/news/e_morto_bernardo_bertolucci-212656049/?refresh_ce)



26-11-18, 14:11
Ultimo Tango a Parigi - Trailer Ufficiale

26-11-18, 14:16
L'ULTIMO IMPERATORE (film 1987) Trailer Italiano

26-11-18, 14:34
Novecento (film 1976) TRAILER ITALIANO

Novecento, 1975, trailer