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02-03-11, 01:18
Very young, at age 56, died in Malaga Amparo Muñoz, the most beautiful woman. So it is evaluated in 1973, when she was crowned at age 19 as Miss Spain, and in 1974 when the Philippines was named Miss Universe. But Amparo Muñoz was a woman of strong character, and six months of his reign rejected the title to feel manipulated by the organization of the competition, which forced her to make frequent trips and presentations. His bid for freedom was one of their characteristics, and perhaps it ended up being trampled by some tabloid press.


He was born in Vélez Málaga, in a family of five children, whose financial resources enabled him to study not only what was then called elementary school. With a shorthand and typing courses could be employed as a secretary, an activity that seemed destined. But after his victory in the world of beauty, the film she was interested immediately. In healthy marital life, directed by Roberto Bodegas written by José Luis Garci, was the disturbing image of José Sacristán, a married man obsessed with advertising. Toccata and Fugue in Lolita, Antonio Drove, was the rebellious girl showing her beautiful breasts, which contributed to the popular success of the film. In those seventies Spanish cinema was booming so-called breakout, and the splendid figure of Amparo Muñoz find new titles to show off: Sensuality (Germain Lorente, 1975), Clara is the price (Vicente Aranda, 1975) The other bedroom (Eloy de la Iglesia, 1976), which coincided with whom Amparo her first husband, actor and singer Patxi Andión.


After intervening in Volvoreta (José Antonio Nieves Conde, 1976), Mauricio, mon amour (Juan Bosch, 1976), Acts of possession (Javier Aguirre, 1977), Of Love and Death (Antonio Giménez Rico, 1977), among others films, her film career took a remarkable turn to establish a relationship with the producer Elías Querejeta, facilitating their involvement in such films as Mom is a hundred years (Carlos Saura, 1979) or Dedication (Jaime Chavarri, 1980), actions caught the attention of other directors, both in Spain and Mexico (including, Felipe Cazals, The seven cucas, Antonio Artero, Swallow dog, Pilar Miró, speak tonight Fernando Méndez-Leite, Sonata in summer, Jaime Camino, El open balcony, Emilio Martínez Lázaro, Lulu night; Imanol Uribe, Black Moon, Fernando León de Aranoa, Family ...)

The Amparo Muñoz film career was full of ups and downs in the quality of the films, but all of them was growing as an actress. However, in parallel, their personal lives often jump to the press. Film missing for seven years (1989-1996), was provisionally established his residence in the Philippines, whence came news of problems with justice to be denounced by a brand manufacturer, also in Spain, on his return, was arrested for allegedly possessing heroin.


In 2005 he published a memoir, Life is the price, which was reviewing its relationships and its passage through the world of drugs. "I've lived my life as best I could, trying not to hurt anyone. If I hurt someone was to myself and my parents who have suffered so much for me. I've always had respect for around the world, all God, which have done me. I hope you begin to do so from now, "he said at the time, suspecting that perhaps only begin to respect after her death. A lovely broken toy.

Rest in peace.