View Full Version : Rob nuns Zaragoza 1.5 million they kept in a closet

08-03-11, 16:41
Rob nuns Zaragoza 1.5 million they kept in a closet

Police are investigating the cloistered convent of Santa Lucia de Zaragoza allegedly stealing one and half million euros, the Cistercian community cash kept in the monastery, situated in the Casablanca district of Zaragoza.

Police sources have indicated that the investigation was opened last week after the nuns themselves to denounce the February 28 the disappearance of money, mostly $ 500 bills.

Reveals today El Periódico de Aragón, police and the magistrate's court number 9 of Zaragoza, which has taken over the case, investigate, besides the disappearance, the origin of the money, the nuns have said the officers, kept in plastic bags in a closet.

Sources close to the Archbishop of Zaragoza recognize that is total confusion in the areas of the city church: "They live austerely religious, without extravagance and excesses," confirms a priest. "What sense does it save that amount of money is something that no one comes to understand. If someone advised them, it did so pathetic," he adds.

The same sources insist that today all are rumors: "That if black money to pay for pictures of a nun renowned painter who lives in the convent, that if you donate money 'box B' ... These are all speculations. Beyond the theft, I believe that neither they themselves valued the recklessness of keeping that amount in the convent or the evil that the image of the Church that this has been discovered in this way, "he explained. "Few good sense, at least that is what they had," he concluded.

The nuns have said that one of the gateways to one of the buildings of the convent had been forced, although it is unknown whether it was one or more individuals who may act in the assault on the monastery.

In this religious community, known for their dedication, among other things, the restoration of old books and scrolls, lives Isabel Guerra, "the nun painter" whose works are in high demand and high prices, says the newspaper.