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08-03-11, 16:45
J. B. Madrid.

Though charity should begin well understood by the people's own country, Spain is giving away juicy sums of public money to nations with dubious democratic credentials. Under the umbrella of "international cooperation" will be sheltering recipients to whom the department of Trinidad Jiménez entertains criteria based on ideological affinity rather than genuine need.

The Foreign Ministry gave only 148 million euros in the fourth quarter of 2010 and many of these items are for ideological projects of the recipient governments, as is apparent in the order of the BOE published on Saturday, which Libertaddigital.com was echoed yesterday. It is bulkier than it was precisely to stop subsidies to government agencies such as the Ministry of Education of Morocco, who was in Spain in a row 12 million euros (2,000 million pesetas) to "sector support for reform Morocco's education. " Second volume of money is the gifted project of the Ministry of Finance of Mali, which took 11 million to "sector budget support in the field of health." In addition, the Health Ministry itself in this country pocketed EUR 1,850,000 for "reproductive health program in the region of Kayes."

Another of the most generously treated to subsidies is Bolivia, which has received 4.6 million to "support the education sector, money that was delivered to the Ministry of Education, Government of Evo Morales directly. Pocket Spanish taxpayers also left another 500,000 euros for the "construction and equipping of the National Research Laboratory of diseases of aquatic animals in Tangier."

The embassy of the Palestinian National Authority in our country receives another 600,000 euros, "to ensure capacity for dialogue of the Palestinian people before the Spanish authorities", 237,500 were earmarked for "gender and security sector reform in the Palestinian territories" and 700,000 for the construction of a nursing home in Jericho.

Other items have been the rave of 180,000 for the Center for Promotion of Cultural Expressions Contemporary Mali, the 2.5 million invested in the "promotion and development of the Latin American audiovisual industry" or the 145,000 euros to "heritage conservation Photo of the Republic of Congo. " Social gender.


01-06-11, 02:33
well spain is a country rotten for corruption... i am glad to find a spanish person who is aware of this. thanks for the link carlitos.

05-06-11, 18:00
Ningún país se libra de la corrupción.

10-06-11, 13:51
No he dicho lo contrario. Pero unos mús que otros. ;)