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Alfonso Ussia: Penelope Cruz, ideology and reality

febrero 7, 2011

It has missed an official statement announcing the good news of the birth of Penelope Cruz, the Passion of Alcobendas. It was a child. Congratulations. He was born in Los Angeles, United States, not Cuba. Congratulations. In this way, the child may be eligible for U.S. citizenship when they reach adulthood. Congratulations. The birth took place at Cedars-Sinai, one of the most expensive in the world. It is estimated that the bill will not drop a hundred thousand euros. Congratulations for having them. In Spain it is cheaper, but parents are owners of deciding where to access their children's lives. I am assured by my illustrious delivery reporting that both father and mother have fought hard against their ideas, and that the ideas have been defeated. Have overcome the ideas, delivery would have occurred in Cuba, whose health and welfare level is very high, some say. But no luck. It must be very painful to end communist militancy giving birth in the hospital most expensive and exclusive of capitalist empire. I shudder when I think about it. Because the father and the mother of the newborn child are not leftist heap. Part of the ideological leadership of communist agitation and propaganda austere all share. Cuba in the hospital the mother forced him to share a room with a fellow Cuban, and about the limit.

Be wary of the Cuban youth today, so far away from the basic principles of the Revolution. Also, that because of the blockade, Cuba is not guaranteed the availability of certain drugs. Hence the Spanish revolutionary groups have decided that their baby in the most expensive hospital in the nation to impose the blockade on the Cuban people. In Spain there is blocking it's worth, but it is understood that the present political circumstances, economic and social rights by going through our nation, born in Spain they have seemed little. Red Glamour also exists. And the last option, of having a child in a Saharawi camp Haidar collaborating on the delivery, the truth, and this will give all the reason, could not be taken into account. The communist militant does not require much sacrifice. It is legitimate to feel the more skewed left and live as an American millionaire. Order example and consistency between ideas and reality, or between theory and practice, is an impertinence very own right-wing people, whose women, many of them give birth every day in clinics Social Security . And there, the problem is. Social Security was the work of Franco and Franco himself died in one of its hospitals, and a Communist who boasts of being unable to consent to their baby in a hospital the previous regime. Serial-to unforgivable.

Ja Pe and have done very well. There will be time to raise his fist in protest against the Popular Party government, calling its leaders murderers, flight to Laayoune where necessary, to rest in Cuba as guests of the locked regime and continue living in the imperialist nation that the Cuban blocks . There will be time. The important thing is that the child is born in Los Angeles, which is fine, that the mother does not hurt or broken, everything is going great and that one hundred thousand euros for a delivery is not to be shocked.


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