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23-03-11, 23:22
The EU currently has ten political parties. Ranked by size of their group and further ranked within their group, we have:

European People's Party Group
European People's Party (Christian Democrats and Conservatives)

Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats
Party of European Socialists (Socialists, usually center-leaning)

Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party (Liberals)
European Democratic Party (Pro-EU Centrists)

European Conservatives and Reformists
Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists (Conservatives)
European Christian Political Movement (Social Conservatives)

The Greens-European Free Alliance
European Green Party (Greens)
European Free Alliance (Regionalists)

European United Left-Nordic Green Left
Party of the European Left (Leftism)

The final group, Europe of Freedom and Democracy, contains members that are not part of any EU parties; it is broadly Populist/Euroskeptic. The final party, EUDemocrats, is not part of a group, and is broadly Euroskeptic.

I have to imagine that you all have political preferences, so I am attaching a poll. Which, if any, do you find yourself voting for or pulling for in EU elections?

24-03-11, 01:11

Rastko Pocesta
28-04-11, 15:55
European United Left-Nordic Green Left (EP), Party of European Left (EU)