View Full Version : Dumb protestors!

27-03-11, 19:00
I noticed on the news yesterday protestors had signs similar to no smoking ones. Anyone spot the mistake?http://img863.imageshack.us/img863/285/cuts.png

There were literally hunders of people with this sign, you don't score out the message you are for. FAIL!

Mzungu mchagga
27-03-11, 23:48
Sorry I don't get it. What sign do you mean?

28-03-11, 07:38
The sign is a double negative, it is saying no to no cuts. Rightly it should just have the word cuts inside the red circle/slash. It is a good indication of the slip in standards of education.

Or possibly it is a government plant to discredit protesters. (That's a joke btw)

Mzungu mchagga
28-03-11, 10:14
Oh yeah ok I'm a little slow :laughing:

28-03-11, 11:58
It took me a while to find it too!

Cambrius (The Red)
31-03-11, 02:55
Careful thinking by these guys.:laughing: