View Full Version : Closer military cooperation after Libya?

02-04-11, 17:36
Will EU countries make closer military cooperation after Libya war?Because Anglo-French military unable to continue intervetion in Libya after US declair withdrawl from the first line of intervening.Without US,EU can't resolve problem even at its door,such like North Africa and Balkan.You opinion?

Spion Stirlitz
02-04-11, 17:47
Didn't know the USA already given up from the intervention in Libia.

The EU is powerfull enough, if it want to make necessary sacrifices (political) to bring to its knees a 5-6 million African country.

That would make you happy?

Probably this aggressive stance of Sarkozy (and other that jumped the bandwagon)had to do more with electoral reasons than anything else.

Libya? It is the country which has, by far, the better standard of living of all Africa. Surely many Europeans do not know that, or even care.

Gaddafi is a dictator, but not as evil as many now want to portray.

02-04-11, 17:58
I thought I had heard a few days ago that NATO had taken over from the EU? Of which the US is a member anyway.