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07-04-11, 13:43
Similarity in hospitality of both relatives, friends and even unknow people among Greece and Italy.

This is a Magna Grecia characteristic toghether with Greece; it's a long lasting cultural and behavioural heritage in Southern Italy since the times of Greek colonization there.

I'm referring to some of my experiences (and also those of other people and the commong saying and aknowledgment) about the hospitality you receive in southern italy, that is the same as in greece.

The concept to host people you even know in your house or to help them.

For example when i was in sicily, we were invited at home to have lunchg, these people didn't even know who we were, they only knew, uor friends because they were distant relatives!!, the lunch was faboulsous, rich, and abundant..., at first we rejected the invite because we were embarassed.. we didin't know them... but the hosts as soon as our friends telefoned them to say them this got offended and insisted on us to have lunch at their home.

they were friendly and gentle, they said they invited us first because their distant relatives didn't come to sicily for two years and they also wanted to host their friends, those were distant relatives of our friend, but they had to telefone them to say them they went there in sicily because if they didn't make them aknowledege their presence on the island, they if in the future will know that they will get offended they didn't even pass to meet them.

Greek forumers or people who had this kind of experience in Greece might conferm this is true also in Greece and that there is the same value of Hospitality, that sometimes for the foiregner who isn't used to it, can be even embarassing

07-04-11, 16:12
Yes, it is just like that in Greece Julia, Greeks love nothing better than to share their home and food with people. The Cretans would probably be the most famous in Greece for their hospitality and generosity even though the people all over Greece are very generous.

I'm not Greek and when I first married my Greek husband I found it all very embarassing and suffocating at times so I understand how you felt. But now I am accustomed to it and find that I like the tradition of hospitality very much, the knowledge that there is a friendly face wherever you go.

07-04-11, 22:10
I find this to be the case in general in south Europe and to some extent in northern Africa. Balkan Slavs are also like this.

I think it’s the Mediterranean area in general.

Come to think of the most insane hospitality custom is in Greenland among the Inuit. Were the host would let the guest sleep in his bed with his wife.

07-04-11, 22:23
yep, indeed you find it among arabs and the middle east too.

21-06-11, 23:02
Yes I agree with the previous posts. There is no need to be embarassed when people invite you to their homes, though; if you want to make it up to them just get them a bottle of wine or something. Enjoy!

22-06-11, 13:17
I don't understand why anyone would invite strangers into their homes. I have a strong sense of privacy and am cautious by nature so that I don't like having people I don't know around my personal belongings. I wouldn't hire a home cleaner just because of that. What do you get in return for inviting strangers ? It would make me uncomfortable to be invited by strangers and I would be uncomfortable inviting strangers. Either way it is a lose-lose situation for me. Greek and Middle Eastern cultures feel so distant from my British background. Here in Britain people stop their conversations with friends in lifts or other confined spaces when a stranger walks in. That's how important privacy is here. When the postman delivers parcels, I wouldn't dream of letting him further than the threshold of the door. That would be an invasion of privacy in my home !

18-10-14, 08:28
Had a great time in Greece. People were always very helpful and friendly and all speak English. Enjoyed the food. The centre of Athens is buzzing with activity and lots of Restaurants and coffee shops. I enjoyed the walk around Plaka and all around the acropolis hill and green open spaces there. People try to sell but not too pushy - great atmosphere.

On our arrival we decided to walk from bus station to apartment (which looked close) but got lost, and a taxi driver stopped and asked if we need directions. He told us come in I take you there and I don't want money!. and he did and refused to be paid (just lucky I guess?) Everyone was so polite and helpful. We did not get any buses just walked around and had coaches for tours. Very nice experience.

19-10-14, 18:20
Greece is wonderful country and everyone can enjoy its charms. Certainly it depends on whether someone this beautiful country visits for vacation, for sightseeing tour of cultural and historical monuments, for business etc. Selection for vacation is "sweet annoyance" because there are unbelievably a lot of good destinations which are hard to visit all in one life. Greeks are very polite and strive to meet the various desires of tourists. It is their natural behavior, which make the guests feel really welcome.

22-11-14, 17:24
I think all depends on the particular people and not the nations. As always, there are good people here and there, but unfortunately some bad may leave a negative impression of the whole nation.