View Full Version : Free 23andMe test today !

12-04-11, 11:27
For those who haven't seen yet, 23andMe (https://www.23andme.com/) has a special sale for DNA Day today. You can order the test for free and only pay 9$/month for minimum 12 months to get the updates. It's a great deal as the 9$/month applies to all new customers anyway. In other words, you can get the test for 108$, or 75€ at current exchange rate.

12-04-11, 17:38
It seems it is $99 plus the $9 monthly fee for 12 months, totaling $207. Is that correct?

12-04-11, 18:53
Special sale expired...

Now it's 99$ + ship(80$) + 12 months (117$)